[{"ID":4514,"post_title":"How can I be Gentle and Meek?","Authorname":"Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB","Sources":"Circular Sep 2022","post_date":"2022-09-24 12:54:27","thumbnail":"https:\/\/www.donboscochennai.org\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/09\/cir3.jpg","lead_para":"Most of our institutions are multi-faceted and we are faced with multitasking as well. This can make us hyperactive and tensed in our daily activities. As important as our mission may be, our students, staff, and members of our own community will believe us to be authentic Salesians only if they feel that those around them are easily approachable because they radiate gentleness, joy, and authentic concern for others! When you have to make arrangements, settle quarrels, or win others to your views, take care to be as mild as possible."},{"ID":4512,"post_title":"Don Bosco and the Gentle Saint","Authorname":"Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB","Sources":"Circular Sep 2022","post_date":"2022-09-24 11:39:19","thumbnail":"https:\/\/www.donboscochennai.org\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/09\/cir2.jpg","lead_para":"When St. John Bosco began his ministry among young people, he chose St. Francis de Sales, who was Bishop of Geneva almost two centuries\r\nbefore Don Bosco lived, as his model. What impressed Don Bosco about St. Francis de Sales was his unbounded kindness and gentleness toward everyone he encountered."},{"ID":4509,"post_title":"GENTLENESS: A GENTLEMAN\u2019S VIRTUE!","Authorname":"Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB","Sources":"Circular Sep 2022","post_date":"2022-09-24 11:27:04","thumbnail":"https:\/\/www.donboscochennai.org\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/09\/cir1.jpg","lead_para":"Dear Confreres,\r\n\r\nWe are in the month of September, when we fondly remember and celebrate the Nativity of Our Mother Mary on 8th September. The Church has celebrated Mary\u2019s birth since at least the sixth century. Scripture does not give an account of Mary\u2019s birth. However, the apocryphal Protoevangelium of James fills in the gap. This work has no historical value, but it does reflect the development of Christian piety."},{"ID":4469,"post_title":"Our Personal Capacity-Building mindset","Authorname":"Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB","Sources":"Circular Aug 2022","post_date":"2022-08-06 09:11:27","thumbnail":"https:\/\/www.donboscochennai.org\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/08\/Screenshot_3.jpg","lead_para":"We all have, during the long yet memorable years of our Salesian formation, received in abundance, a lot of spiritual as well as pastoral resources."},{"ID":4467,"post_title":"Capacity building and the Biblical connection","Authorname":"Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB","Sources":"Circular Aug 2022","post_date":"2022-08-06 09:08:42","thumbnail":"https:\/\/www.donboscochennai.org\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/08\/Screenshot_2.jpg","lead_para":"To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability.\r\n(Matthew 25:15) "}]